charity6Ever since my early twenties I have been appalled by the poverty in the developing nations of the world. Reading about people dying of hunger in African countries like Sudan shook me to the very core.

Growing up in a wealthy family I never knew about hunger and poverty. All my needs and wants were fulfilled. I got a good education and was always advised to take over my family business. Old money is a great blessing. I had always been blessed. So much could be wrong with the world and so much suffering may possibly exist is not something I could have imagined in the wildest runs of my imagination.

I had my ambitions and objectives in life thoroughly defined since my teenage years. Getting a degree in business administration and taking over the family business was phase one of the goals of my life. Expanding it to become one of the biggest corporations in the country was phase two. Marrying a girl from an equally wealthy family and merging our businesses to be taken over by my descendants was phase three.

Information and knowledge about the terrible lives that the people of the world were leading changed my world. The incidents occurring half way across the globe turned my plans upside down. I was willing to leave it all spend my life in one of the African countries and doing everything that I could to ensure that no other 5 year old in Sudan dies of starvation became the primary goal of my life.

My father’s untimely death turned my plans upside down for the second time. At 23 I became in charge of one of the largest corporations in my country. The sole heir to a corporation that had a turnover in billions doesn’t have the liberty to spend his life in Sudan. I became responsible for a workforce of over ten thousand employees. Catering to their needs also became critical and significant.

But I started having sleepless nights. The faces of the starving children haunted me. However my new responsibilities and powers allowed me a lot of latitude.

Then I had the idea of donating to societies and institutions that were working towards fulfilment of those goals in which I believed to the very core. I knew that my inheritance and powers were given to me for a well-disguised but obvious purpose. I considered setting up an organization for the benefit of children in Sudan. This idea was immediately rejected because I knew I could not fulfil such a responsibility owing to my extremely busy schedule and tons of responsibilities.

I also learnt about dial2donate who donate a part of call charges to the cause that I believe in. You can donate money by simply getting a TV licence contact number from dial2donate. And a part of the call charges incurred on the call to the TV licensor would be donated to a trustworthy charitable society.

I can now sleep well at night because I am donating to the cause I believe in. Do you?